Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Indie Horror Shorts: Two from Producer-Director Nathan Suher

Indie producer-director Nathan Suher takes horror-fusion cinema in new directions in two new shorts. Both are currently on the festival circuit. The first reconsiders the relationship between horror and the psychological thriller. The second reimagines the approach of a 1980s cult classic to horror comedy. It also makes a significant contribution to the Christmas horror subgenre while being outrageously funny at the same time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GRANDPA'S PSYCHO (2015): A Swing and a Miss

Theatrical Poster for GRANDPA'S PSYCHO (2015) - Fair Use asserted

As a film project, "Grandpa's Psycho" (2015) had a promising beginning. It started with a clever concept. Indie writer-director Danny LeGare came up with a psychological horror- thriller story idea with a surprise ending. He devised a plot twist designed to throw the audience for a loop at the end. The question is, does this story deliver on its promise? How does it play on the screen?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

ANGER OF THE DEAD (2015): Uwe Boll Produces Franceso Picone's First Horror Feature

Theatrical poster for ANGER OF THE DEAD (2015)
Theatrical poster for ANGER OF THE DEAD (2015) - image source: October Coast

Italian B-movie horror stages a questionable comeback, aided by the controversial and prolific, Vancouver-based, German horror-thriller filmmaker Uwe Boll, as Italian writer-director Francesco Picone releases his first feature-length film, "Anger of the Dead" (2015).

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

STOMPING GROUND (2014): Bigfoot's Alpha Male Boot Camp

DVD cover for "Stomping Ground" (2014)
DVD cover for "Stomping Ground" (2014) - image source: Simply Legendary Publicity

Indie film "Stomping Ground" (2014) is less of a Bigfoot horror flick and more of a thriller in which an urban yuppie dweeb learns how to man up when his girlfriend is about to be stolen away by an ex-boyfriend. Boojum (the name of the local Bigfoot) is his de facto tutor. If only Boojum could also teach this loser how to choose more wisely when he picks a girlfriend . . . .

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NIGHTMARE CODE (2014): A Techno-Horror Story Told from the POV of an AI

Promotional still from "Nightmare Code" (2014)
Brett (Andrew J. West) and Nora (Mei Melançon) as seen by R.O.P.E.R., the A.I. in "Nightmare Code" (2014) - image source: October Coast

What if a security A.I. could not only detect people's intentions and predict their near-term actions, but could also learn how to modify them to suit its needs? How would the personality of the programmer who created the A.I. impact its future actions? Would anyone be able to control a such a human-A.I. hybrid? These are questions that have been addressed in films like the Johnny Depp vehicle "Transcendence" (2014). In the same year, however, an indie film took on the same subject. Read on to find out how the creators of "Nightmare Code" (2014) envisioned a story that involves the same questions and brought it to cinematic life on the screen.