What is TFK's Web of Indie Horror and Science Fiction?

This website focuses on movies and books created by indie artists in the horror and science fiction genres. It is the latest in a series of avatars of a blog that TFK has maintained since the summer of 2013. It started on WordPress as a general film fan blog, but slowly evolved into a horror and science fiction site.

TFK's general movie coverage can be found on Tumblr.

Who is TFK?

TFK stands for "Texas's Frisco Kid". TFK is Bill Meeker, an adoptive Texan who fled California in 2009 as a result of the Great Recession. He is a blogger (obviously), a freelance writer/editor, and an indie film producer. And, yes, he lives in Frisco, Texas, a suburb located north of Dallas.

Retired from his first career in military healthcare, Bill is a Texas-certified classroom teacher in English Language Arts and Reading (8th - 12th grade). He has Bachelor's (Johns Hopkins) and Master's (New York University) degrees in English and has almost finished a Master of Education degree (University of North Texas). He has applied to a media studies graduate program at a local state university and hopes to start studying film from a critical and cultural point-of-view in the fall of 2016.

Bill has a second blog, Loud Green Bird, that highlights the indie film world outside of the science fiction and horror genres. It's also a place where he blogs about international cinema, classic movies from film history, avant-garde films, books, authors, and whatever else he feels like writing about. 

How do I get my indie horror or science fiction film or book reviewed by TFK?

Submit a request through the contact form located on the lower right-hand side of every page on this site. Please note the following:
  • “Fair and honest”: Reviews by TFK represent the true reaction of the reviewer to the work (“honest”). He also takes into account the circumstances and conditions under which the artist created the work (“fair”). In other words, TFK uses no absolute, one-size-fits-all standard of perfection to judge the quality of films and books. By the same token, granting access to a review copy of your work does not guarantee a positive review from TFK.
  • TFK reserves the right to decline any review request.
  • If your film or book is NOT a horror or science fiction work, please submit a review request to Loud Green Bird, the author’s blog about all other genres.
  • The turnaround for a book review is longer than for a movie review. TFK needs a longer period of time to read a book than to watch a film or video.
  • TFK never charges for reviews. Never, ever. No financial considerations.

Do you do interviews or publish press releases?

TFK does occasional audio, video, and print interviews with professionals in the film industry and with authors of many different types of texts. If the work(s) being discussed have not been released or published (i.e., are not yet available to the public), the interviewee will be asked to provide access to the completed work (or representative excerpts from the work-in-progress). This access will lead to a more interesting interview. Better questions can be asked if the interviewer is familiar with the interviewee’s current projects.

TFK also publishes news articles based on copy from promotional press releases. TFK requests that access to the promoted work be provided in the future for review purposes, although this is not required (but it is highly recommended).